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Clinics and Services

We provide a range of services and clinics.

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Cancer Screening

Bowel Cancer Bowel cancer is a term used to describe cancer in the colon, rectum or the small bowel. The […]

Children’s Health

Childhood and Teenage Mental Health While it is commonly believed that depression only effects adults, around 10% of children in […]

Managing Chronic Diseases

Chronic Heart Disease The most common symptoms of coronary heart disease (CHD) are chest pains (angina) and a heart attack. […]

Men’s Health

Male Pattern Baldness Male-pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss, affecting 6.5 million men in the UK. […]

Minor Surgery

Certain small surgical operations can be performed at the surgery. With minor surgery the recovery time is usually short and […]

NHS Health Checks

Working together to improve your health Everyone is at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and some […]

Planning a Family

Antenatal care Antenatal care is the care and help you receive from health professionals during the course of your pregnancy. […]

Preconception Advice

If you are planning to have a baby or you need to know more information about how to look after […]

Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

Alcohol Advice NHS Advice on drinking recommends that men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a […]

Surgery Clinics

If you would like to book one of these clinics, please book your appointment online, or contact us on 0207 938 1887. […]


We administer a range of travel vaccinations and advice. For current vaccination recommendations and comprehensive travel advice, check the free […]

Women’s Health

Breast Screening The National Breast Screening Programme was introduced in 1988 as an early detection service for breast cancer. It […]